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Semi Automatic Washing Machines – A Comprehensive Guide

Washing machines show numerous variations just in their types. Properties and features take the diversification to the next level. Therefore, you need to do a lot of brainstorming just to buy one single appliance. However, the research is what will ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Starting off with the basics, we have two categories – fully automatic washing machines and semi automatic washing machine. Going further, we get several classifications in them such as top loading, front loading, single drum, and twin drum washers.

Obviously, you are here to know about semi automatic washing machines. Therefore, this article is centred towards the details, types, pros & cons, and frequently asked questions about the semi automatic washing machines.

Hence, stay tuned to find out the ABC of semi automatic washing machines. This will help you to get value for your money while you go out to buy one for your home.

What is a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

When the deal is about budget friendly washers, semi automatic washing machines certainly fit the bill. They are the cheapest type of washers, seen often in indian households. They are called semi automatic because they involve some manual efforts unlike fully automatic washing machines.

Talking about the manual efforts, you need to pour the water inside the drum and shift it manually from the washer tub to the drainage tub. Moreover, you may also need to add the washing powder on your own.

But, these manual efforts have their own advantages. For instance, these machines consume less water and electricity. Hence, they are highly appreciated for their economical behavior. And as said above, they do cost less because of limited features.

They are available in top loading designs and involves two tubs for washing and drying purposes. Moreover, they are easier to relocate because of their lesser weight. Hence, you can easily shift it anywhere in the house.

Type of Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Semi automatic washing machines are available in two types – single tub and twin tub. Let us have a look at each of them respectively.

  1. Single tub: This variant of semi automatic washing machines involve only one tub. Due to this, both the washing and drying job is done in a single drum. The drum comprises of the inner and outer layer. Among these, the inner layer is designed with holes in the body to allow the water to pass through it in the outer layer. Since, they consist of the only a single tub, they do not consume much space and also weigh less than the twin tub variant. Moreover, their simpler design makes it easy to use.
  2. Twin Tub: As the name suggests, this variant comprises of two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. Both the tubs are located next to each other. This variant occupies a larger space than the single tub and also weigh more than it.

Advantages of Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Semi automatic washing machines have plenty of advantages. Here’s a rundown of all the benefits you can enjoy when you purchase a semi automatic washing machine:

1. They are highly efficient

As said earlier, you need to add water manually in this machine. Therefore, you’ve got whole control over the volume of water you pour. Hence, if you live in a water scarce area then you can save a lot of water with this washer. Moreover, they operate on less power and save you on electricity bills.

2. They are cheaper

Apart from saving you on electricity and water bills, semi automatic washing machines cost less than the fully automatic ones. Therefore, they are best for a budget friendly purchase.

3. Their wash cycle can be intervened

Power cuts are one of the major problems in urban areas nowadays. Moreover, they cause a lot of harm to the appliances. Luckily. semi automatic washing machines allow you to stop the cycle at any point and continue it later.

4. They provide customized wash

Although you may find it a little annoying to always keep an eye on the washer, it provides several advantages over fully automatic wash. Firstly, you can customize the wash for different fabrics to prevent them from wear and tear. Secondly. you can add more clothes in between a wash. Lastly, from water level to length, everything is under your control.

Disadvantages of Semi Automatic Washing Machines

A dark side exists for everything and semi automatic washing machines are no exception. Here’s a rundown of disadvantages possessed by a semi automatic washing machine:

1. They require manual efforts

Whether you need to add water to the tub, add clothes to the washer, put them for drying, or soak them, everything needs to be done manually in semi automatic washing machines. All they automate is the washing of laundry. Therefore, you still need to burn some calories while washing your clothes in a semi automatic washing machine.

2. They occupy more space

Talking in comparison with fully automatic washing machines, semi automatic washing machines are not available in compact designs. Therefore, they occupy a larger space than fully automatic washing machines.

3. They don’t have a power backup

Everything needs to be settled up once again when an unnotified power cut occurs in semi automatic washing machines. Moreover, you need to set up the wash program again and all your previous work just go in vain.

4. They don’t have front loading designs

As stated above, semi automatic washing machines are available in top loading design only. Moreover, as we know that front loading designs provide a better wash quality, top loading designs do lack a quality wash in comparison to the front loading design.

Semi Automatic Washing Machines – FAQs

Who Should Buy Semi Automatic Washing Machine?

A semi automatic washing machine is suitable for the people who are looking for a budget friendly purchase. Since, they are cheaper than the fully automatic washing machines, one can easily afford them with a basic investment.

Also, the task of adding water to the drum is done manually, it is a great deal for people who live in water scarce areas by consuming lesser amount of water than the fully automatic washing machine. Hence, it is ideal for such people.

Lastly, it is also the perfect match for people who are driven towards ease of usability. Most of the models in semi automatic washing machines comprise of mechanical controls that are easier to operate than the digital ones. Therefore, they are ideal for people who are looking for easy controls and simpler mechanisms.

Also, it is suitable for houses with sufficient free space since they occupy larger space than the fully automatic washing machines.

How to Use Semi Automatic Washing Machine?

The process of using a semi automatic washing machine is quite manual. However, it is really easy to operate such machines and comprises of these steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to add water to the drum of the machine through the water inlet.
  2. Then you need to pour washing powder and add the clothes in the washer.
  3. After that, turn the timer knob to the required time of wash cycle and select the wash type (gentle, normal, strong).
  4. Later on, just wait for the wash cycle to finish and then remove all the clothes from the machine.
  5. Lastly, add the clothes manually to the drainage drum and set the timer for it as well.

And that’s it! Just hang the clothes in sunlight to let them rinse completely and you’ll be all set. With just these 5 steps you can wash your clothes in a semi automatic washing machine.

Some Common Problems in Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machine were made as an advancement to the semi automatic washing machines. However, they are still used in a majority of households in India. But they do lack in various things. Here’s a list of some problems that occur commonly in semi-automatic washing machines:

1. They vibrate a lot

If the surface where you’ve kept the washing machine is even slightly unsaturated, the machine will vibrate a lot. Moreover, the only solution to stop this vibration is to either screw the machine on the floor or buy a stand for the same. Hence, they add up an extra investment to your machine.

In addition to it, the semi automatic washing machines also vibrate when the clothes are not distributed evenly in the machine. Therefore, you also need to make sure that the clothes are distributed evenly in the machine.

2. The lint filter doesn’t works efficiently

The lint filter particulates the dirt and stores it until it’s filled completely. However, it gets full after 4-5 days of wash. After that, it doesn’t work much efficiently. The reason can be lesser use of detergent and water. And as we all know, all these are required to be done manually, you’ll never know what’s the appropriate amount to add. Therefore, it will continue to fill after every 5 days and will compromise on the quality of the wash.

3. They don’t spin well

This is actually a minor problem that can cause inefficiency in washing of laundry in semi automatic washing machines. Due to this, the washing machine gets inconsistent in washing and show variations in wash time. Sometimes, it works as it used to but sometimes it takes longer than usual. The core reason for this problem is the position of the drainage pipe. Therefore, make sure the drainage pipe is always kept horizontally so the drainage system works well.

4. They don’t turn on sometimes

Not to call them fragile but the wires of semi automatic washing machine are not too durable. They are likely to break and you might need to call a technician to check it for you. However, if the machine suddenly stops working then you should check the power connection as well. Make sure that the wash timers are set and the operation is set to washing and not draining. If the machine still doesn’t works then it is an indication that you need a technician.

5. They make a lot of noise

Sometimes, semi automatic washing machines start making a lot of annoying sound. The noise is capable of disturbing you and your neighbors. However, this is only likely to happen when there is dirt accumulated in the machine. Moreover, this can also happen if there’s something left in the pocket of your clothes. Therefore, make sure that you clean the washing machine frequently and check the pockets of your clothes.

6. They stop in between the cycle

When semi automatic washing machines get overheated, it stops working. This happens when the power supply doesn’t meets the requirements of the machine. Hence, it stops working even in between an on-going wash cycle.

7. The water drains itself

Sometimes, the water drains as soon as you fill it in the tub. This can only happen if the operation type is set to drain. Therefore, make sure that you change it from draining to washing before you pour the water in it.