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Front load vs top load washers – Which is better?

The dilemma is for real. We get that!

Reason, despite the efficiency and features that front loading machine offers it has still not invaded the laundry world. This might be because somewhere, we all have grown up with top loader in our house and they are still working to their best.

So, the question is, should one buy front loader or not. If top-loader is working so perfectly, then what’s the point in buying a new one? Are there other parameters to be considered while buying a machine? Well, let’s make a modest comparison to find out the differences between front and top loading washing machines based on certain parameters.

Energy & water saving

Times have changed now. Today consumers take environment into consideration. Obviously, the electricity bill is still the priority…. but our conscious minds want us to contribute to the world in any small way possible. Coming to washing machines, front loading machines can cut back on energy consumption as much as 70%. The figure does depend on brand of machine one is using or buying. Not just electricity, front loading machine as compared to top loading consume less water by 80%. Now that’s huge!  

These features eclipse the older versions of top loading machine where the whole laundry cycle was consuming gallons of water & light.

The purchase price

Now front loaders may have an edge over the top loaders from energy and water point of view, but what’s worth pondering here is the purchase price. Top loaders are cheaper than front loaders. This way the upfront cost of the washer may in fact negate the savings one is making on water and power bills. If you are a genius, try deducing or breakdown your water and electricity’s monthly bill with top loading machine….you will get the math.

Next one to the debate comes the point that which machine washes clothes better

While there’s no reason to back up the claim, many people maintain their clothes if washed in front-loading. Now this point does makes sense. How? Understand, front loader machine makes it spin like a dryer, there is no agitator to move clothes around the drum in top, down or any random manner. While in top loading machines, the clothes are twisted, pushed, pulled by the agitator giving trauma to clothes. So until someone proves, it is safe to consider that the best option is front load.

Let’s talk about time consumption

Washing is a hectic process, it involves a lot of time in drying and washing therefore it is important to have a machine that makes the process fast and easy. Now there are three types of machines available

Regular top-load – They are cheapest one consuming lot of water, time and energy

High-efficiency top- load – They costs more than the regular top load but consumes less energy,  water and time in comparison to regular top-load.

Front load washers – They are in same price to high-efficiency top loads but save a lot of time as the machines are of high quality and possess a bit of automatic working. This machine also washes the clothes according to the base material.

Which one is easy to use?

Though it may sound lame to you, but machines act as the best laundry bag. In top load washing machines it is always easy to dump clothes as compared to front load machines, obviously because one doesn’t have to bend down. Hence top-loader machines are ergonomically friendly. They allow you to load clothes at waist height, saving from repetitive joint stress every time one loads the machine.

Though this could not be a serious option to consider while buying machine, but for older people this factor is a boon.  Because to be fair, this problem can be resolved with front loaders by installing the machines on 15” pedestals to raise them to a more comfortable height.

Moreover, if you have household with more family members, then top-loader is a boon for you too.  It makes the task easy, smooth and quick. To conclude, it’s an old chestnut, we’re all wondering and discussing but the final conclusion to this debate could be that don’t rush to buy a front loader for the sake of it. Even though it saves on water and electricity because to recoup the expense of top loader might take time.

If you are single person, couple or light user and you’re happy with the top loader then it’s better to just stick with it. But yes, if in future you are planning to buy a washing machine, it makes a lot of sense to buy front loader washing machine, as it saves time, energy and water.  If you have a large household you will be able to recoup the cost and get the clothes done quickly too.

Overall, make the decision based on your household to decide what is best for you.

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